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About us

ainForex is a referring party which pays cash rebates back to Forex and CFD traders. When you open a Forex account through the GainForex.net website, your broker gives us a part of the spread you’ve been charged, and this is the rebate we give back to you. The rebate service is free and your broker will never increase your spread.

GainForex was established by a group of traders who know the Forex industry. We know it’s important to get the best trading conditions, best spreads and best execution. Now traders can also get rebates for every trade they make – win or lose. GainForex is working with selected brokers and has a rebate program set in place so you can get the most out of your trading.

Use our rebate calculator to check and compare the rebates you can get with each broker. Start now by visiting our Forex Brokers comparison section.

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